Cool Planet has a strong history in the development, promotion and application of energy efficiency with a core focus on energy assessments and audits.

As part of the NSW OEH Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program , Cool Planet has conducted energy assessments for over 1700 businesses in regional NSW, making Cool Planet the largest provider of regional commercial energy assessments in Australia.

Cool Planet has conducted over 300 hundred residential assessments under the Green Loans Program.

Cool Planet is conducting energy assessments for low income earners as part of the ACT Government’s Outreach Program.

Cool Planet can conduct level 1, 2 and 3 level energy audits.

Cool Planet promotes and conducts energy and resource efficiency modules as part of the NSW Sustainability Advantage Program.

Cool Planet can install wireless monitors to help track and record energy efficiency improvements. This data monitoring can help provide tangible information on the implementation of energy efficiency recommendations.